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Jane Martin

Operations Partner

Jane has overall responsibility for the firm’s operations and was promoted to Operations Partner in 2016.

Jane met Silverpeak co-founder, Paddy MccGwire, when she joined Cobalt Corporate Finance as Office Manager. There, she ran the marketing and finance function and handled the day-to-day administration. Known for her problem-solving ability, she also provided support for the team. She left Cobalt with Paddy, to become part of Silverpeak’s founding team.

Prior to this, she held roles with Barclays and communications consultancy, ECD Insight.

Although she plays a vital role in ensuring Silverpeak delivers excellent service to its clients, she is no fan of the limelight.

Jane decompresses via the far-slower-paced practice of making sourdough bread, but excitement is never far away:  she is an avid supporter of Liverpool FC.