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Sector focus

Our focus on software, deeptech and digital services is born of a passion for these technologies and the companies that develop them. Our experience in these areas means we spot hidden potential that is highly valuable to the right investor.

We selected Silverpeak because of its in-depth knowledge of the tech space, and in particular optical communications. Throughout they provided a great combination of intellect and pragmatism, which yielded a great result.
Stuart Barnes | VP & GM, Xtera Sub-sea


We work with mainly enterprise software businesses because we are excited by the wealth of opportunity and value creation dynamics these companies offer to potential investors. We are experienced advisors to businesses operating in verticals such as logistics, finance, infrastructure and construction software, and in horizontal segments including CRM, ERP and IT optimisation. We also work with select B2C marketplace clients with strong revenue and profit growth profiles.

Our international reach in the software landscape, including relationships with corporates and buy-out, growth and venture capital investors, means we can find the right match for both buyers and sellers, while unlocking the value potential unique to each software business we represent.

  • Application software
  • | Applied AI
  • | Data analytics
  • | Infrastructure software
  • | RPA /LowCode

Vertical software:

  • Construction
  • | Edtech
  • | Fintech
  • | Martech
  • | Mobility
  • | Sustainability
  • | Travel


We are fascinated by the potential for deeptech companies to solve many of the world’s most complex problems, which means we work hard to apply our sector knowledge and financial expertise to help entrepreneurs, founders and investors achieve their goals.

Characterised by intense R&D activity, robust IP protection, a longer time to market than other technology sectors and the potential for a high exit valuation, deeptech businesses need advisors who understand their technology and who know where the value lies for investors.

With strong networks globally across the deeptech corporate and financial investor space, we engage closely with companies across the segment to help them reach the best possible deal.

  • Additive manufacturing
  • | Algorithms/AI & ML
  • | AR/VR
  • | High perf. computing
  • | Medtech
  • | Networking and IoT
  • | NewSpace
  • | Photonics
  • | Security software
  • | Semiconductors

Digital services

Digital services is a highly dynamic space today as technology and digital transformation has become integral to companies’ value creation plans and a focus for improving the efficiency of public services. We work with both established teams and with new, fast-growing players emerging in nascent areas and can help financial investors seeking to build scale through consolidation strategies in the segment.

As a segment that largely relies on its people, we know that trust and relationships really matter to our digital services clients. Our model of assigning a dedicated team that stays with each of our clients throughout the transaction is just one of the ways we strive to offer an exceptional and seamless service.

  • Data services
  • | IT consulting
  • | Managed services
  • | Marketplaces
  • | Telecom services