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PlayGiga acquired by Facebook

Silverpeak used its network of global contacts to build interest leading to an acquisition by the world’s largest social media company

About our client

PlayGiga was a Madrid-based cloud gaming company focused on developing streaming game technology for 5G, helping tech companies reach more mobile gamers.

PlayGiga used cloud virtualisation technology to provide customers with a premium experience, and developed a gaming-as-a-service platform, enabling telecommunication companies to offer streaming games to its customers.

Why they chose us

Silverpeak was selected for its ability to truly understand the technology and its strategic use cases.

Another factor was its proven global reach with young, high IP technology companies, some of whom were attempting to build their own streaming platforms.

How we added value

Silverpeak were engaged by PlayGiga to run a dual-track process of a series B fund raising from both financial and corporate investors, and a sale to strategic acquirers.

Silverpeak engaged with the FAANGs and other tech majors to assess PlayGiga’s value to those currently developing their own platforms.

Silverpeak engaged with both financial and corporate VCs, to demonstrate the options available.

The successful outcome

PlayGiga was acquired by Facebook, enabling it to launch its Facebook Gaming cloud streaming service. This has allowed Facebook to remain competitive against Google, Sony, Nvidia, Amazon, and Microsoft, joining them in the game streaming market.

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Silverpeak team

Silverpeak showed excellent access to both investors and strategic acquirers from East Asia, through Europe, to the US West coast. Their team did a great job leading what was a complicated process and transaction, delivering a price well above the initial buyer price indications.
Alberto Gomez | Chairman, PlayGiga