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Series A round for Sentryo

Silverpeak worked tirelessly to bring together the best of French investors to support Sentryo's ambitious plans

Who are they

Sentryo is a France-based pioneer in cybersecurity solutions for industrial control systems (ICS). Large companies use Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision in the energy, manufacturing and transportation markets.

CyberVision allows control engineers to maintain the integrity, continuity and security of industrial processes. Unique AI algorithms provide greater visibility of industrial assets, which makes it easier to identify vulnerabilities, detect anomalies in real-time and fight cyber-attacks.

What was our involvement

We advised on the valuation of the company and the size of the funding round.  Silverpeak’s team of finance experts also delivered strategic guidance prior to approaching the US and UK markets. In addition, for Sentryo to continue its expansion activities in the US from Q2 2018, we recommended a two-phase approach for the funding:

  1. The first phase with Sopra Steria and BNP Paribas Développement
  2. The second tranche with Omnes and Alliance Entreprendre

Jean-Michel Deligny, a Senior Advisor at Silverpeak, said: “Industrial cybersecurity is a strategic topic but still an emerging market. Sentryo shows technical excellence and a focused indirect selling strategy. The company is also expanding to the US, thanks to key partnerships with the likes of Cisco and Siemens. This makes Sentryo one the most capital innovative and efficient companies in its sector, and therefore Silverpeak took on the assignment. As always, we showed the kind of tenacity that is needed for a successful financing.”

Alex de Gandt, Director at Silverpeak, said: “We explored various financing options, and contacted investors globally, both strategic and financial. In the end, the round delivered the best French investors to support an ambitious plan to expand in Sentryo’s core European markets and the US. We look forward to working with Sentryo in the future as the company accelerates internationally.”

It was a pleasure to work with the Silverpeak team across their London and Paris offices. Silverpeak worked tirelessly to close the round and came up with an innovative two step closing, which allowed us to meet our goal of bringing together both financial and strategic investors. We look forward to growing further, including our expansion in the US, which is now possible with this round of financing.
Thierry Rouquet | CEO, Sentryo