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Green Bit sold to Gemalto

Silverpeak's understanding of the value to a strategic partner led to a stronger negotiating position and an optimal outcome

About our client

Green Bit Biometric Systems (“Green Bit”) developed world leading biometric fingerprint scanners, provided to law enforcement agencies globally.

Green Bit provides targeted scanners specifically for (i) law enforcement, (ii) civil identification and (iii) commercial applications, alongside proprietary software facilitating integration with existing IT systems.

Why they chose us

Silverpeak has a track record of working with complex businesses supplying hardware products, where value is driven by the accompanying software capabilities.

This made us ideal partners to deliver the right acquirers on the best possible terms.

Access to key strategic acquirers across the globe was also important.

How we added value

Silverpeak performed an initial market scan to identify a range of counterparties beyond the usual suspects who operate in this vertical.

Due to the global nature of the business, we had discussions from counterparties both in the East and the West, including China, Japan, US, Israel, South Africa and Europe.

The process with Gemalto was carefully managed, as at the same time Gemalto was going through a takeover by Thales.

The successful outcome

Successful strategic acquisition by Gemalto, as a result of a competitive process run by Silverpeak.

Transaction Summary


Green Bit

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