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Oct 15, 2019

Oct 2019 | Silverpeak sponsors Tech Tour Deep Tech Summit 2019: Fundraising booming to record highs

Silverpeak were delighted to sponsor the Tech Tour Deep Tech Summit in London, which saw the convergence of 150+ participants including corporates, fund investors, investment bankers, thought-leaders and over 35 CEOs/Founders.

This year’s Summit covered a range of breakthrough technologies including autonomous systems, robotics, AI, IoT, cyber-security, big-data, blockchain, 3D printing, space, hardware and electronics, and other IP-driven solutions enabling digital transformation across multiple industries.

Paddy MccGwire, Managing Partner, Silverpeak gave a keynote to investors  on “The Deep Tech Investment Landscape.”

Pietro Strada, Managing Partner, Silverpeak and Shawn Atkinson, Partner, Orrick, spoke at the CEO workshops on “Later Stage Fundraising and Deal-Making for Deep-Tech Companies.”

DeepTech Summit