US SaaS multiples reach record high in the quarter

Welcome to the latest edition of the Silverpeak Benchmark report – Application Software Sector, a review of key company valuation metrics in the US, UK and European application software sectors. By reviewing sector median averages, our aim is to provide a set of software industry benchmarks against which individual company performance can be measured.

Silverpeak Benchmark Report Q2 18

Are US software giants missing out on European targets?

The software market continues to be led by US large companies (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, etc.) which are 64% of the publicly listed “giants”, but China is increasing its share. However, US large players are under-represented among the buyers of European software/SaaS companies. We’ve updated our review of the software/SaaS giants landscape and European M&A activity up to H1-2018, and gained some interesting insights.

Silverpeak report – Are US software giants missing out on European targets – July 2018