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Deal Synopsis

Our Client: EFFECT Photonics
Location: NL | NL
Deal Type: Financing
Silverpeak Team: Tramadol India Online

Silverpeak, the technology investment bank, acted as the exclusive financial advisor to EFFECT Photonics B.V., a leading developer of high performance DWDM optical components based on its optical System-on-Chip, on its Series B funding round led by Innovation Industries.

The funding round accelerates the ramp of its tunable SFP production line and the development of future technologies. EFFECT addresses the need for low-cost, wavelength-tunable optical transceivers with industrial temperature specification to be deployed within the next generation 5G mobile infrastructure, as well as in other networking applications. The global market demand for optical transceivers is expected to grow to $12bn by 2023, from $6bn in 2017 (Lightcounting, 2018).

Silverpeak worked with the company as financial advisor supporting it during the entire process: from the preparation phase, to identifying and contacting a global array of knowledgeable investors, to negotiating the deal terms, through to completion.

James Regan, CEO of EFFECT Photonics, said: “Silverpeak's deep understanding of optical technologies combined with their relationships in the global investor landscape proved invaluable. They showed total dedication throughout the process and their expertise and advice were instrumental in closing this round of financing for our growth phase.”

Pietro Strada, Managing Partner at Silverpeak and leading the mandate, added: “We are proud to have worked with James and the whole EFFECT Photonics management team and Supervisory Board at this pivotal stage in the company’s trajectory. EFFECT Photonics is at the global forefront of ultra-fast optical integrated circuits and are well placed to take advantage of the huge opportunities in their space.”

Nard Sintenie, General Partner at Innovation Industries, said: “We are delighted to have invested in EFFECT Photonics. We believe that the company and the deal process benefitted from Silverpeak’s assistance and enjoyed working with them.”