Matteo Pozzi , a key part of the Silverpeak team since its formation, brings over 10 years' experience in investment banking, private equity and financing.

A Director at Silverpeak, Matteo covers primarily SaaS, mobility, IT services and B2B digital businesses such as e-commerce and marketplaces with a particular specialisation in financial technology (FinTech).

“Fintech is a very vibrant sector in London,” he explained. “It’s challenging one of the leading industries in the economy and reshaping it."

Although based primarily in London servicing clients all over the UK and Europe, Matteo has a specific focus on the Italian and Swiss territories.

“Moving to London to start my professional career at Goldman Sachs was a great achievement for me, and I’ve been so glad that it has taken me on this path,” Matteo said. In his time at Goldman Sachs he started as part of the Structured and Acquisition Finance team and then became an associate in the GS Global Infrastructure Fund. Prior to joining Silverpeak, he was an Investment Director at STAR Capital Partners, a mid-market PE fund that focuses on developing strategic asset-based businesses in Western Europe across the telecommunications, industrial, transport and energy sectors.

While proud of many of the deals he has been involved in, Matteo has one that sticks in his memory.

“I think a special deal I was involved in was the one with Cake Technologies that was acquired by American Express,” he said. “I built a very strong relationship with the CEO and we formed a really cohesive team.”

“The deal, as with most deals, had some bumps in the road, which forced us to go the extra mile and take some rather unconventional courses of action. We did succeed, we made it happen and it was with great satisfaction that we achieved the goal.”

He has a deep appreciation of the strengths of the Silverpeak team. “We are very thorough and almost scientific in what we do,” Matteo said. “We leave no stone unturned and do not take anything for granted. For some it can be painful, but most appreciate that the insight and advice we provide is based on sound analysis.”

And, as well as the team and collegial atmosphere at Silverpeak, there was another driver for Matteo.

“I was very interested to move into the technology space as I could see the growth opportunities in the sector,” he said. “Additionally, technology is inherently a fascinating and challenging sector. It spans all industries, so it is very horizontal and every day you can be looking at companies who operate in very different markets and have different dynamics.”

Matteo holds a Master's degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin. Matteo is fluent in English and Italian.

Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor sports: “I like travelling to explore new places and doing sports, such as running, cycling, triathlon, skiing, sailing, and scuba diving. I love nature, which is why I like outdoor sports so much.”