With two Master’s Degrees in Graphene Technology and Nanotechnology at Cambridge University and a Degree in Materials Science, it is fair to say that Jeremy has a keen eye for detail, perfect for his focus in the Healthtech sector. 

“A lack of focus in Healthcare, in general, has made the field ripe for disruption - driving personalised patient-centric treatments, democratising access to care and unlike other fields is directly saving lives.”

Jeremy’s knowledge of the healthtech regulatory system, IP expertise and academic background makes him a key analyst at Silverpeak in this field.

“We work as a small dynamic team where real empowerment is offered to junior staff - we are in this together and work together seamlessly.”

A keen rower and weightlifter, Jeremy’s personal interest in health and fitness has fuelled his drive to get the best results for clients notably completing, with his team, a due diligence process in a record 19 days.