While happier in the shadows, Silverpeak Operating Partner Jane Martin plays a vital role in making sure the company delivers on providing excellent service to its clients. 

“I prefer to be behind the scenes,” said Jane, “I like it when everything is running smoothly, things are done properly, and everyone has what they need to perform their role. It’s my job to ensure that happens, but it takes a team effort to be successful.”

Being the lynchpin is where Jane excels, with her flair for organisation, and despite being immersed in the world of multi-million-pound deals, she remains grounded by advice given to her by her father when she was starting out in her career with Barclays.

“In life treat everyone as equals,” she explained. “I always remember my dad telling me about how he was speaking to a company trainee sweeping the floor who years later became CEO.”

After roles with Barclays and communications consultancy, ECD Insight, Jane moved to Cobalt as Office Manager where she met one of her current business partners, Paddy. As well as dealing with the day to day administration and finance function for the business, she was also the problem solver and support for the team.

Often taking clients from first contact to initial meeting stage, Jane’s focus is always on maintaining a good standard of customer service and makes effective communication a high priority. “If a client has emailed us, I push for a response within 24 hours,” she said.

When Cobalt merged with Silverpeak, Jane took responsibility for finance and marketing and last year, in recognition of her pivotal role in the successful running of the company, she was made Operating Partner.

Jane relaxes by the infinitely slower paced practice of making sourdough bread and also supporting Liverpool FC although “Being a football fan is nearly as stressful as being around the team when completing big deals!”