David joined Silverpeak in 2018 as a Director and was promoted to Partner in 2022. He brings a different perspective to the team with over 12 years of operational involvement in tech companies as well as over 15 years of experience in corporate finance advisory roles.

David previously worked with Cobalt and Clearwater Corporate Finance. His most recent operational role was as Managing Director of Magnetic North Software, a proprietary Cloud Contact Centre and Cloud Unified Communications solution, which he sold for $39m to West Corporation (now Intrado) following three years of 30%+ growth.

David’s operational experience is within the telecoms, satellites, location services, sensors, and precision engineering sectors. He has a first-class degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Understanding the investment world as well as having the knowledge of what opportunities technology can bring to the table, enables him to assess the business and unlock the potential value within it.

These days David is on the wrong side of the touchline, but he still enjoys running, sailing, and occasional kitesurfing as well as some angel investing.