Amplitude Systems

Ultra-fast lasers


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Overview & Background

The world leader in Ultra-fast lasers, Amplitude is split into two companies focused on two distinct markets: Amplitude Systemes provides lasers for industrial and medical applications (e.g. precision manufacturing and lasik eye surgery). Amplitude Technologies provides large laser systems to Universities and Research Laboratories for research at the sub-atomic level and the development of next generation cancer treatment (proton therapy).

Positioning Process

We were asked to run a process consisting of a traditional fundraise combined with a partial sale by existing investors and management. We acted as the exclusive financial advisor throughout the transaction and played a heavy role in documentation. Approaching a mix of VCs, Private Equity Funds and Alternative Investors, We positioned the business as a solid core business with venture upside (cancer therapy). In order to tactfully increase competition and valuation, We ran a process that requested that interested nine investors present to company management their strategic views and ability to add value.


Amplitude received $42mn from a handful of high quality investors to support its growth plans and cash out existing investors.