ADD Semiconductor
Spain / US

Smart grid solutions


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Overview & Background

Provider of SoC solutions for narrow-band-communications across existing power lines.

Applications in smart metering, lighting, building automation and solar infrastructure.

Deep technical expertise, but facing uncertainty around the timing of adoption and deployment in the metering market.

Spin-out of the University of Zaragoza w/ c. €5mn of invested equity.

Positioning Process

We acted as the exclusive financial advisor throughout the transaction.

We positioned ADD as a leading technology, but lacking the necessary resources and infrastructure for full commercial execution.

As a superior solution, an acquirer could greatly benefit from acquiring ADD and “plugging-in” ADD’s product portfolio into their sales network.

We contacted and met with a number of potential acquirers in the semiconductor space, including a US road show.


The deal is a key component of Atmel’s strategy to bolster its smart energy product portfolio and better position it for success in the growing smart meter, energy management and home & building automation markets.

Consideration was undisclosed, but it was a full price paid that was a very lucrative exit for both management and investors.