Aldebaran Robotics

Humanoid robots for consumer applications


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Overview & Background

Aldebaran Robotics (AR) manufactures and sells advanced, programmable humanoid robots, with the aim of contributing to the well-being of humans, through solutions addressing Personal Services, Healthcare and Assistance to Autistic children.

Aldebaran initially focused on selling to Universities and Research Laboratories, but was preparing to entering B2B2C and B2C markets from 2012.

Go4Venture previously raised the $7.5mn Series A round for Aldebaran in January 2008.

Positioning Process

Already having existing VC investors, Aldebaran sought investment solely from Corporate Investors that could assist the company in its development.


Go4Venture worked as exclusive advisor throughout the fundraising process and strategically worked directly with management to develop go to market strategies and timing for the B2B2C and B2C markets.

Go4Venture was able to generate a number of meetings with corporate investors across Europe and the US.


A first tranche of $13mn was completed in May 2011, led a large investor and included participation from existing investors.

An extension of the round took place for an additional $4mn.

This investment solidified AR’s position as one of the world leaders in affordable humanoid robots for consumer use.