3D gesture capture solutions


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Overview & Background

SoftKinetic offers a complete solution for the creation of 3D, gesture-controlled user interfaces and applications in consumer electronics devices such as set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles and PCs (à la Microsoft’s Kinect). SoftKinetic was in the final stages of completing their solution and was in the early stages of commercialisation, having developed a strong pipeline of commercial opportunities with global leaders such as Lenovo.

Positioning Process

We acted as exclusive advisors during the private placement process with the goal of raising €8mn, at a pre-money valuation of at least €35mn. Additional preferences included an expedited process and a corporate investor. We positioned Softkinetic as the technology leader in the hot 3D gesture capture space, with a strong patent portfolio and commercial pipeline. We were able to generate tremendous interest with a number of investors in Europe as well as a US Road Show consisting of VCs and Corporate investors.


During the early stages of marketing, a large strategic investor expressed a strong desire to invest. After preliminary negotiations, they agreed to meet our valuation terms and timing requirements. Process was completed in slightly more than 3 months.